Feasibility Study and Letters of Support listed by Date:

A Professional Feasibility Study of this technology was performed in 2002 by CTC United Defense, (Acquired by BAE Systems, 2005). At the time they specialized in Heavy Equipment and were a major supplier of Tracked Combat Vehicles to many governments around the world. 

The results stand true to this day. A 3-D Asphalt Paving Machine as proposed by Advanced Paving Technologies is not only Technically Feasible but can be built mainly from Off-The-Shelf components. There is nothing Technically standing in the way of manufacturing a 3-D Asphalt Paving Machine. It only requires a commitment to applying Advanced Technologies to the Road Construction Industry in a way that has never been done before.

We Can Build - a Better Road - Faster, Cheaper and Cleaner

Letter of Support from Caltrans - Division of Research and Innovation.

Letter of Support from Dr. John Harvey - Professor at U.C. Davis, Civil and Environmental Engineering Department and the Director of the U.C. Davis Pavement Research Center.

Letter of Support from Professor Steve Muench at the University of Washington - Civil and Environmental Engineering Department.

Letter of Support from the President of The Transtec Group - The World's Pavement Engineering Specialists!

Letter of Support from the President of Century Companies, one of the largest Road Construction Companies serving Montana, Wyoming and the Dakota's.

Non-Commercial Letter of Support from Congressman Jimmy Panetta - U.S. House of Representatives, CA. 20th District.

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