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John Smith - Inventor & President -

In October, 2015 Advanced Paving Technologies will launch a bold crowdfunding campaign to fund research that will start the process of making our 3D Asphalt Paving Machine a reality. 

In order to experience smoother, cleaner, longer lasting roads sooner rather than later, we are working our way through the following process:

  1. Conduct basic feasibility test on the 3D Asphalt Paving Machine. (COMPLETE)
  2. Conduct theoretical testing at the UC Davis Pavement Research Center. 
  3. Conduct mechanical testing and blueprinting. 
  4. Produce a 3D Asphalt Paving Machine prototype. 
  5. Implement 3D Asphalt Paving Machine prototype in pilot project. 

Once the process is complete, 3D Asphalt Paving Machines will become available to road construction contractors for use on our roads. 
This crowdfunding campaign will raise funds to initiate step two of the process. The research completed at the UC Davis Pavement Research Center will officially verify that our 3D paving method works, which is necessary to take it to the next level of mechanical engineering. 

Why are we coming to you in this effort?

It is you the drivers of cars, trucks, buses and motorcycles that feel the effects and pay the price of poor road condition every day. When a road begins to break down, you feel it. Your car feels it. You see it. You feel it when your car experiences that jarring thud when it rolls over a dip or pothole. Your bank account feels it when you have to spend extra money because of decreased gas mileage or to keep your vehicle in working condition. 

It is the drivers of the most congested areas of the country where road conditions are most infuriating. 

Did you know that in San Francisco the average annual expense for vehicle maintenance due to poor road conditions is $1044. Are you serious!? 

According to the latest TripNet report, yes...we're serious.

(Click Here to see how much it's costing you!)

We have chosen crowdfunding because it will not be the local, state or federal governments or the road construction industry that brings this technology to life. The relationship between government and the road construction industry is one of status quo. 

It falls on US to make this happen. 

So join us in this movement to bring better, cleaner, faster and less costly road reconstruction technology to your city so we can move on with out lives! 


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